Good Words

We’ve had the privilege of meeting so many great people along our journey. When word got to us of all the kind things they were saying about working with us, we were flattered and felt like sharing.


Education with world-renowned Kurt Kueffner will help you learn to become an expert and achieve excellence in mastering men’s haircutting. There’s no doubt that Kurt Kueffner’s education raises the bar in the art and science of men’s classic and modern hair cutting.

Susan Ford

Aveda educator / master stylist + artistic director
Asha Salon Spa

Kurt Kueffner is one of a hand full of people in the world that truly know the men’s side of our industry—not only the inner working and business concepts, but also the technical expertise. Kurt will deliver a classic shape with a precision technique and timing or materialize a forward modern look that is edgy and current. He is a genuine global educator, session stylist and entrepreneur.

Mick Freund

Avant Hair & Cosmetics / Minneapolis MN

Kurt is my hero—he taught me everything I know.

David Adams

co-founder + president
Red Chocolate

Kurt is a pro’s pro. His work, skill and hair IQ are as good as it gets. Two thumbs up!

Eric Fisher

owner / 2x North American Hairstyling Awards winner
Eric Fisher Salons + Academy

Kurt is one of the greatest educators in the beauty industry to-date. He is a true professional with a passion for hair that comes through in everything he does. I’ve had the honor to work with Kurt many times and I can verify that any time he has conducted a class the students/participants are always begging for more.

Mara Liska

marketing director + product development
Intelligent Nutrients

Working with Kurt has completely changed my career. After 20 years of being in the business, I have once again been proven that you can always learn something new. His dedication and passion towards education is truly inspiring.

Gina Lees

hair stylist
Adolf Biecker Salon + Spa


For Kurt, it’s about real craftsmanship and understanding the differences and nuances between serving male and female clientele. If you want to leverage the men’s side of your business, there is no better teacher than Kurt.

Virginia Meyer

co-founder + COO
Red Chocolate

Kurt is a classically trained barbering artist with the unique ability to transfer those teachings to the contemporary world of men’s grooming and hair fashion. I’ve been fortunate to work with Kurt in the past; he is and educator’s educator. Kurt’s classes are geared to the learner’s immediate implementation of the information and techniques. He is a deep thinker and communicates his philosophies with a modern-day level of cool. In my view, Kurt has an in-depth understanding of barbering’s past and how to utilize it in the present. Kurt Kueffner is barbering’s future.

Arthur Hall

director of technical education
Professional Salon Concepts

When I met Kurt Kueffner, I was uncertain whether or not I would connect with him. After meeting him, I discovered a very down-to-earth, talented, humble man and loving father. He taught me very much, and my experiences with him will stay with me always.

Susan Milano

master stylist + advanced educator
Casal’s Salon

There is no one more inspiring, talented and honest in the trade. Kurt’s ability to both verbalize theoretical work and technically execute a haircut is legendary. I can’t thank him enough for all he has taught me about the men’s grooming business.

Claudia-Dee Mottillo

Le Pascha Men’s Salon

Kurt does it right! He combines master barbering with master haircutting flawlessly. His classes are technically driven and challenging, yet relaxed and always a blast. He truly inspires by getting down to the nuts and bolts of our business. I encourage anyone who loves their men to come and play with Kurt.

Lindsay "Dez" DesPlaines

instructor + hair designer
Neroli Salon + Spa